Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV)

Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) are exceptionally well suited to the harsh terrain and weather that Switzerland offers. All year round with dirt, dust, rain, sun, water and ice inevitably your Vehicle will get dirty.

With the SUV sector making up over half of new Vehicle sales in Switzerland🇨🇭 every year, its critical to have the best protection in these expensive vehicles.

So check our range across the major brands, we have FloorLiners, CargoLiners and SunShades that are "Custom-made" for each vehicle, so they fit like a glove.

Whether you have a 6 (pilot seat) or 7 seat (bench seat) configuration we can adapt to all the various configuration.

Made in 🇺🇸 made for Switzerland🏔️!

Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV)

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