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Frequently Asked Questions

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WeatherTech is a company that specializes in manufacturing automotive accessories and protective products. The company was founded in 1989 by David MacNeil and is headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois, USA.

WeatherTech is known for its high-quality and durable automotive products that are designed to protect and enhance the interior and exterior of cars, trucks, and SUVs. The company's most popular products include floor liners, cargo liners, and window deflectors.

One of the unique features of WeatherTech products is that they are designed and manufactured in the United States using domestically sourced materials. This allows the company to maintain strict quality control over their products and ensure that they meet the highest standards.

Another unique feature of WeatherTech products is their custom-fit design. Each product is specifically designed to fit the exact make and model of a particular vehicle, providing a perfect fit and maximum protection.

WeatherTech is also committed to environmental sustainability and uses eco-friendly manufacturing processes, including recycling and waste reduction.

Overall, WeatherTech is a reputable brand that is known for its high-quality, custom-fit, and eco-friendly automotive products.

WeatherTech HP (High Performance) and TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) floor liners are both high-quality and durable options for protecting the interior of your vehicle from dirt, debris, and spills. However, there are some differences between the two.

Here are some key differences between WeatherTech HP and TPE floor liners:

  1. Material: The WeatherTech HP liners are made from a proprietary blend of thermoplastic elastomers, while the TPE liners are made entirely of thermoplastic elastomers.
  2. Texture: WeatherTech HP liners have a smooth surface with a raised outer lip to contain spills and debris, while TPE liners have a textured surface for added grip and a lower outer lip.
  3. Price: WeatherTech HP liners are typically more expensive than TPE liners.
  4. Fit: Both liners are custom-fit for specific makes and models of vehicles, but some users have reported that the WeatherTech HP liners have a more precise fit.
  5. Warranty: Both liners come with a limited lifetime warranty, but the terms and conditions may vary.

Ultimately, the choice between WeatherTech HP and TPE floor liners depends on your personal preferences and needs. If you want a smooth and precise fit with a raised outer lip for maximum spill and debris containment, WeatherTech HP liners may be the better choice. However, if you prefer a more textured surface for added grip and a lower outer lip, TPE liners may be a better option.

Choosing between WeatherTech's two types ofvehicle floor liner materials - the HP (High Performance) series and the TPE(Thermoplastic Elastomer) series - largely depends on your individual needs and preferences.

If you are looking for maximum protection and durability, the HP series is agreat choice. It is made from a proprietary blend of thermoplastic elastomersthat offer superior strength and wear resistance. The HP series also has arigid core that provides additional support and stability to the liner, makingit perfect for heavy-duty use.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more affordable and comfortable option, the TPE series is a great choice. It is made from a softer and moreflexible thermoplastic elastomer material, which provides a more comfortable feel underfoot. The TPE series also comes with a non-slip finish that preventsslipping and sliding, making it a great option for everyday use.

Ultimately, your choice of floor liner material will depend on your personal preferences, your budget, and how you plan to use your vehicle. If youfrequently transport heavy cargo or have pets that ride in your vehicle, the HPseries might be the better option. But if you're mainly using your vehicle forcommuting and running errands, the TPE series might be the more practical choice.

WeatherTech products are highly suitable for
the Swiss market for several reasons:

  1. Weather conditions: Switzerland experiences a wide range of weather conditions throughout the year, including heavy snowfall and rain. WeatherTech products are designed to protect vehicles from these harsh conditions, making them highly suitable for the Swiss market.
  2. High-quality standards: Switzerland is known for its high standard of living and its residents demand high-quality products. WeatherTech products are made with high-quality materials and are designed to meet strict standards, making them a good fit for the Swiss market.
  3. Active lifestyle: Switzerland is known for its outdoor activities, including skiing, hiking, and cycling. WeatherTech products such as floor liners, cargo liners, roof bags, and other accessories are designed to help people transport their gear and equipment safely and securely, making them ideal for the active Swiss lifestyle.
  4. Custom-fit design: WeatherTech products are custom-fit to specific makes and models of vehicles, providing a perfect fit and maximum protection. This is particularly important in Switzerland where many people own luxury cars and want to protect them from wear and tear.

Overall, WeatherTech products are highly
suitable for the Swiss market due to their ability to protect vehicles from
harsh weather conditions, high-quality standards, compatibility with the active
Swiss lifestyle, and custom-fit design.

WeatherTech may be using a reseller and distribution partner in Switzerland for several reasons:

1. Local market knowledge: By partnering with a local reseller and distribution partner, WeatherTech can benefit from their expertise and knowledge of the Swiss market. This can help WeatherTech to better understand the needs and preferences of Swiss customers and tailor its products and marketing efforts accordingly.

2. Distribution network: A local reseller and distribution partner can provide WeatherTech with an established distribution network in Switzerland, which can help to streamline the delivery and fulfillment process. This can help to improve the speed and efficiency of product delivery to Swiss customers.

3. Regulatory compliance: A local reseller and distribution partner can also help WeatherTech to navigate the complex regulatory environment in Switzerland, including compliance with local laws and regulations related to product safety and labeling.

4. Brand reputation: Partnering with a reputable reseller and distribution partner can help to improve WeatherTech's brand reputation in Switzerland. By working with a trusted partner, WeatherTech can demonstrate its commitment to providing high-quality products and customer service to Swiss customers.

Overall, partnering with a reseller and distribution partner in Switzerland can help WeatherTech to better understand the local market, streamline its distribution network, comply with local regulations, and improve its brand reputation.

WeatherTech floorliners are designed to be durable and easy to clean, but they still require proper maintenance to keep them looking and performing their best. Here are some tips for protecting and cleaning your WeatherTech floorliners:

1. Regularly remove and shake out any loose dirt or debris from your floorliners to prevent buildup.

2. Clean your floorliners using a mild detergent or all-purpose cleaner and a soft-bristled brush or sponge. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive tools that could damage the surface of the floorliners.

3. Rinse the floorliners thoroughly with water and allow them to air dry before reinstalling them in your vehicle.

4. For tougher stains, use a cleaner specifically designed for the type of material your floorliners are made of (e.g., TPE or HP) and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.

5. To protect your floorliners from fading or cracking, avoid exposing them to prolonged periods of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

6. Consider using WeatherTech's TechCare line of products, which are specially formulated to clean and protect WeatherTech floorliners and other automotive accessories.
By following these simple tips, you can help keep your WeatherTech floorliners looking and performing their best for years to come.

Installing WeatherTech HP or TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) Floorliners is a simple process that you can do yourself in a few easy steps:

1. First, remove any existing floor mats or liners from your vehicle's floor. Clean the floor area thoroughly to remove any dirt or debris.

2. Take the WeatherTech TPE Floorliners out of the packaging and place them on a flat surface. You may notice that they are shaped differently from your vehicle's original mats, but don't worry – they are designed to fit your vehicle perfectly.

3. Place the driver's side Floorliner in your vehicle's footwell. Adjust the liner to ensure that it fits snugly against the sides of the footwell and that it covers the entire foot area. Repeat the process with the passenger side Floorliner.

4. If you have a two-row vehicle, install the rear Floorliner next. Place the liner in the rear footwell and adjust it to ensure that it fits snugly and covers the entire foot area.

5. Finally, test the Floorliners to ensure that they are securely in place and that they don't interfere with your vehicle's pedals. You may need to adjust them slightly to achieve the perfect fit.

And that's it – you've successfully installed your new WeatherTech TPE Floorliners! Enjoy the protection they provide for your vehicle's floors.