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  • Authorised WeatherTech Agent for Switzerland

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About Us

About Us

Mauwi Enterprises S.A was appointed as an official distributor and reseller for WeatherTech in the Swiss market at the beginning of 2023. Our mission is to build a customer experience brand through our customers utilisation of our products. We think that many current Vehicle Accessories are substandard for the Swiss Alps demanding and ever changing weather conditions. Our advanced FloorLiners, Cargo/Trunk Liners and SunShades are of the highest design and quality.

1. They are "Custom-Fit" to each vehicle, meaning they fit!

2. They use the most advanced materials, for form stiffness and a complete fit, so they don't move.

3. They are safe, carpet and rubber floor mats can move causing accidents, ours sit firmly in the footwell.

4. Their design just goes further, our raised edges are really raised by 50cm or more fully protecting the floor of your car from almost any weather damage.

So, why Switzerland? well I've lived in the USA and their weather is extreme and every Sports Utility Vehicle, 4x4, Truck has WeatherTech Liners or something very close. Not only that of the average 220'000 new vehicles sold in 🇨🇭each year 50% are SUV's and I'm sure these go into the mountains for the all year sports season.

Open most 🇨🇭 vehicles and you see carpet or poorly formed rubber mats!

So, at WeatherTech we know we can help people by providing a solution for all these weather challenges so we can help you enjoy that time, by protecting the inside of your vehicle and home with a unique range of protective products.

We will be active in the major cities and ski/boarding/biking resorts in Switzerland, enabling our potential customers to experience the brand in person, to see the innovation and unique quality that WeatherTech can afford in protecting the inside of your vehicle and home.

We have 6 key business principles:

  • We will focus on the top-selling 40 All-Wheel-Drive (AWD), 4x4 and EV’s, because these customers will benefit the most from WeatherTech capabilities, in the mountains, playing fields or around the water.
  • We will concentrate on vehicles no older than 2018, so we keep abreast of the new Electric Vehicle innovations and newer models.
  • We will sell only what we stock in Switzerland, we don’t drop ship!
  • We will deliver from stock within 1 to 3 working days.
  • We will gradually build our inventory to cover all black coloured FloorLiners, FloorLiners HP, Cargo/Trunk Liners and SunShades. (Full Vehicle Kit).
  • We will eventually have over 1,200 items on a restock and deliver basis, meaning if there is a car mat that we don't have in stock, you can reserve it online and we will notify you of it's restocking and delivery.

Our Logistics:

MS:Direct 🇨🇭 St. Gallen/ is our Logistics Service Provider in Switzerland, we have selected them for their knowledge of the Swiss operations for fast and reliable clearance, receipt, stocking, ordering and delivery of products. They also handle our full returns, restocking and replacement logistics and stock control that links into our e-commerce platform. 

WeatherTech 🇺🇸 is an American brand born in 1989, which develops and manufactures its products exclusively in Bolingbrook, Illinois, USA. There you’ll find their headquarters, serving also as their production and logistics hub, which currently reaches over 84 countries around the world.

High engineering standards

WeatherTech products are developed with precision and expertise to achieve the best results. To do this, our industrial designers and manufacturing staff use advanced and fully integrated CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software platforms. Solid modelling creates a virtual 3D representation of components for superior part design and analysis.

Sustainability: Recycling and Production

Our dedication to supporting a healthy environment begins with a commitment to responsible manufacture and design. We act proactively to control waste. We recycle raw materials from manufacturing tools and products such as aluminum, steel, rubber, TPO, TPE, paper, and cardboard. In addition, our products have been designed to last for a long time. Only a single set of FloorLiner and Cargoliner will be needed to protect your car, forget disposable mats that are difficult to recycle and have a limited lifetime.

This is how