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Car SunShades

UV radiation will damage the interior materials of your car over time. Once absorbed, UV rays are converted into heat, causing internal temperatures to reach up to 47°C within an hour. This can be severely dangerous to humans and pets. Protect your car and its occupants with WeatherTech advanced "custom-fit" Sunshades.

Car Mats

Car mats should be custom-made for each vehicle, ensuring a perfect fit for safety. Waterproof to collect all spills, easy to fit, remove and clean and look good. That's why WeatherTech is the world leader in providing all-weather car mats that work. Find yours now.

Cargo Mats

Good quality cargo mats are essential in keeping your car clean, constant loading and unloading, shopping, sports and leisure activities means your boot will get messy. Our mats are custom-made for each car, with high sides, we retain the mess, they are secure and safe. Find yours now.

Find your Car Mats, Cargo Mats and SunShades

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Drive with confidence on Switzerland's unpredictable roads, knowing that your floors are protected by the best.

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Pick-up trucks are popular "mountain workhorses" and are ideal for tough Swiss environments.

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Experience our extensive car and cargo mat range for all SUV's, countryside and mountain side-protection at its best.

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See our Porsche range of in-car protection made to perfection for your Alpine excursions

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Check out our range of Car and Cargo Mats for the fast selling EMV

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