Car Mats

The WeatherTech High Performance car mats are designed to protect the interior floor of your car from dirt or spills. They fully protect the exposed vehicle carpet, decreasing abrasion and wear. In addition, the WeatherTech car mat is designed for each car, so it's a perfect fit every time.

They are water-proof, built with high sides to make sure spills stay contained. They are easy to remove and clean at home or at car washes, and they are constructed of high-quality environmentally friendly thermo-plastic materials.

Whether you have a new or used car, it's important to protect the original carpet from damage over time, caused by constant foot-wear. So covering the floor area with a high-quality custom WeatherTech thermo-plastic mat will protect the value of your vehicle for longer.

WeatherTech 3D "custom-made" car mats offer the ultimate protection for the inside of your vehicle.  They fit perfectly, with high sides that retain water, dirt and any other liquids or particles.


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