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Chevrolet Camaro (2016-2024) 1st Row Car FloorLiner

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  • Chevrolet
  • Camaro
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023
  • 2024
  • 1st Row
Vehicle Body Style:
  • Convertible
  • Coupe (C)
Fuel Type:
  • Gasoline
Country of Origin:
  • United States
  • Black
Number of doors:
  • 2/3
  • Automatic
  • Manual
Model Version:
  • 6th Generation
  • RWD
Additional identifier: 1st Row
Floor console:
Floor type:
  • Carpet
Vehicle cabin size:
Seating Type:
  • Bucket
Number of seats:
  • 4
Manufacturer model number:

Chevrolet Camaro (2016-2024) 1st Row Car FloorLiner

WeatherTech All Weather Car Mats: Unmatched Interior Protection for Your Chevrolet Camaro

When it comes to tackling the unforgiving seasonal weather conditions of the Swiss Alps🇨🇭, WeatherTech All Weather Car Mats stand as the ultimate solution. These mats are meticulously crafted to help you triumph over the daily battle with subpar carpet or rubber alternatives. Custom-made to fit your vehicle, they boast high front, side, and back walls, perfectly contoured to your car's interior. Here are the exceptional advantages and benefits of WeatherTech Vehicle Car Mats:

1. Superior Protection: WeatherTech Car Mats offer complete coverage, shielding your vehicle's floor from dirt, spills, moisture, snow, ice, and debris. They preserve your original carpeting, even combating Alpine salt damage in winter, keeping salt contained within the mat.

2. Tailored Fit: Each Car Mat is precision-engineered for your specific vehicle make and model, ensuring an impeccable fit that maximises protection and seamlessly complements your interior.

3. Enhanced Safety: With a snug, custom fit, WeatherTech Car Mats stay securely in place, preventing any shifting during your drive. Unlike traditional carpet or rubber mats, they guarantee a safer driving experience.

4. Unyielding Durability: WeatherTech employs patented High-Density Tri-Extruded (HDTE) materials, rendering Car Mats resistant to wear, tear, temperature fluctuations, and chemicals. These materials maintain flexibility, durability, and longevity even under the harshest conditions.

5. Effortless Maintenance: Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, WeatherTech car mats can be quickly wiped clean with a damp cloth or removed from your vehicle and hosed down for a more thorough cleaning.

6. Effective Containment: Equipped with raised edges and advanced channelling systems. WeatherTech Car Mats keep water confined within the floor area, preventing it from spreading to other parts of your vehicle.

7. Preserve Your Vehicle's Value: Utilising WeatherTech Car Mats in high "Wear and Tear" zones preserves your vehicle's value. They reduce excessive "weathering" and protect against scratches from footwear, minimising the need for frequent carpet cleaning.

8. Versatility in Action: Ever faced a punctured tyre at night or struggled with snow chains in the dark without a flashlight? Take out one of your WeatherTech Car Mats and use it as a waterproof mat, ensuring you stay dry while installing spare wheels or snow chains.

Our unique “Over-the-Hump” one-piece or two-piece Rear Car Mat mirrors the front mat's design features, offering stability and flexibility for your travelling passengers, children and dogs. The unique “Over-the-Hump” offers protection in the middle section of the floor from scrapes and spills, which reduces scuffing on the inside of your car.

So this autumn when you change to your winter tyres, elevate your vehicle's protection with WeatherTech winter Car Mats made in America 🇺🇲, made for Switzerland 🇨🇭.

WeatherTech FloorLiners_HP Toyota Tundra (2014-2018) 2nd Row FloorLiner HP Kofferraumwanne sonnenschutz auto auto fußmatten

Engineering Standards

It takes precision and high-caliber talent to deliver the best products on the market. To do this, our industrial designers, tool design team and manufacturing staff utilize advanced, fully integrated Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) software platforms. Solid modeling creates a virtual 3D representation of components for part design and analysis. We also use free-form surface modeling in which surfaces are defined, trimmed and merged to make a solid, essentially designing a product and proving its feasibility on the computer.

WeatherTech FloorLiners_HP Toyota Sequoia (2008-2017) Centre Console 2nd Row FloorLiner HP Kofferraumwanne sonnenschutz auto auto fußmatten

Commited To Quality

From concept to consumer, WeatherTech has long been recognized by the discerning automotive enthusiast as a supplier of accessories of unparalleled quality. In addition to the WeatherTech brand, we supply products to many Automobile Manufacturers (OEM) as an Original Equipment Supplier.